Abortion-derived vaccines, the forgotten truths

    There are twelve cell lines which have been taken from aborted foetuses, and we must not forget the excruciating way these babies are killed in order to use their tissues. The Church says that morally problematic vaccines  can only be accepted in situations of grave necessity and only on a temporary basis, while protesting against the production of such vaccines and the use of aborted foetuses in medical research. There are no circumstances where the use of these vaccines can be recommended as a moral duty, instead there is a duty to lobby for ethical vaccines.


    “No vaccines from aborted foetuses!” A heroic appeal to Christians

    An appeal by many women, pro-life activists; women who are urging Christians all over the world and men of upright conscience to resist vaccines contaminated by abortion. Dr Wanda Półtawska, friend and confidante of John Paul II, and miraculously cured by Padre Pio, is the first signatory.