Pro-vax Vatican creates a kit to indoctrinate priests and the faithful

The Church subjugated to vaccinism trots out, through the Dicastery of Cardinal Turkson, a kit on anti-Covid vaccines to transform the ambons of our churches into places of vaccinist propaganda, providing guidance for homilies, in order to turn every priest into an official of the Super-Ministry of Health, to put themselves at the service of the main political ideology of the moment and present it as evangelical. The kit, truly embarrassing in its clichés, exposes a sycophantic Church that spouts about things it doesn’t know and panders to those in charge. Alas!

Ecclesia 03_05_2021 Italiano Español

Only two days ago we were wondering what remains of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Now we have a clear (and incredible) example: it remains a “control room” - for the implementation of vaccinist ideology, to remove from the faithful any doubt about the absolute evangelical duty to vaccinate, to confirm the thesis of the vaccine safe beyond reasonable doubt, to silence dissenting scientists, to transform the ambones of our churches into places of vaccine propaganda by providing guidance and content for homilies, to turn every priest into an official of the Super-Ministry of Health, to put themselves at the service of the main political ideology of this time and pass it off as evangelical. The Church subjugated to Vaccinism. I am not a historian, but I do not believe that the Catholic Church has ever placed itself at the service of a worldly and political project as it has in this case, bending over backwards to provide it with the operational tools - the kits - along with the workforce for propaganda.

The Dicastery of Cardinal Turkson has produced a kit (here) for representatives of the Church on the anti-Covid vaccines composed of seven sections that refer to some documents, provide an anthology of speeches (especially by Pope Francis), answer clinical questions (Are the vaccines safe? Have they been produced too quickly? Does the vaccine protect against variants of the virus? …), they answer so-called ecclesial questions (What about the “conspiracists” who criticise the vaccine? What links the coronavirus with the ecological crisis?), they offer tools for homilies and conversations, they answer questions for the family (What are the side effects of the vaccine? What vaccines are now available? Will it be necessary to keep your distance even after being vaccinated?), and finally the kit offers examples from tweets, Instagram stories, Facebook pages on the subject of vaccines, and provides images. Every parish priest, every diocesan weekly publication, every movement or association is thus enlisted, sent to the front and equipped with cartridges to shoot, with an indication of whom to shoot at.

It takes a great deal of creativity, it must be acknowledged, to descend to such a saddening level of complacency towards the interests dear to the world and to transform an institute of evangelisation - the Dicastery as protagonist, but before it the entire Church - into an agency that prepares practical technical kits, useful for a praxis that does not fit in at all with its aims and that creates new dogmas and new moral absolutes without foundation.

The text of the kit is truly embarrassing for the clichés to which it adheres and which it raises as blinders and gags for those who try to think for themselves: “Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine should be understood as an act of love to the members of our communities”, “Rigorous testing ensures that the vaccination is safe”, “Scientists are constantly monitoring any information that may indicate health risks from a vaccine”, “Scientists have been able to develop COVID-19 vaccines so quickly because research has progressed by leaps and bounds”, “Scientists are collaborating and sharing research like never before”, “The World Health Organization, the European Union and other organizations are providing constant updates on the latest developments in vaccines”, “Public health authorities are able to provide advice at the local level for those who may experience such reactions”. But who can believe such cant? These stances are truly embarrassing for their superficiality and lack of knowledge. Moreover, they are blatantly subservient to their mastermind, devoid of the slightest critical courage, and condescending towards health decisions that are actually political. Why compromise the Church by bringing it down to these levels of sycophancy?

The kit even goes so far as to give advice on how to continue to wear a mask even after vaccination because there is still no evidence to confirm long-term protection, and claims that there are no other vaccines besides the existing ones, which therefore become the only tool against Covid. It demonizes those who spread false news about vaccination, refers, as a good performer of the tasks assigned, to the competent authorities (sic!) thus dissuading from drawing on the clandestine samizdat, gives a panegyric of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which “makes use of the expertise of its members, which include epidemiologists, experts in pandemic responses, and experts in global public health”, hastily evades the issue of foetal cells of abortions by only partly reporting the moral assessments of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

At the end of such a sadly adulatory kit of the official version, the abused hoax of the links between Covid and environmental degradation was inevitable: “The rapid destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity caused by the wildlife trade, deforestation, mining, and intensive agriculture increase the risk of outbreaks of new viruses”. Humbug and little more, but repeated and made to be repeated again and again by those who will use the new kit.

The Dicastery’s kit expresses a sycophantic Church that spouts about things it doesn’t know, panders to those in charge, adopts as its own the tritest clichés, disabuses the intelligent, and uses meaningless slogans. Alas!