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Schwab leaves, but the Davos Great Reset persists

Klaus Schwab's announcement that he is leaving the World Economic Forum should not delude us. He will remain in the wings: the Great Reset project theorised by the "Piper of Davos" is set to continue and will still do a lot of damage. Before it fails.

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The founder and leader of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab, has announced in an email to staff that he will step down as executive chairman of the Davos Economic Forum by the end of the year. The reactions in the social world were enthusiastic: the 'pied piper of Davos' is retiring, so the Great Reset initiative, which he launched in July 2020 with his well-known book 'Covid 19. The Great Reset', can also be considered archived. It’s too bad that this is not the case. 

The illusion stems from a simplistic interpretation of reality. It is true that Klaus Schwab was, indeed is, the frontman of the Great Reset initiative, but the World Economic Forum in Davos is not reduced only to his figure. 

In fact, we are dealing with a community characterised by cooperation at the highest level between industrial and financial giants, important world political leaders, supranational entities, central banks, leading foundations, academia, media and global influencers. The aim is to overcome an economic model that is still partly based on the economic freedom of small and medium-sized private enterprises and on a predominantly national basis, which is deemed no longer sustainable, in order to define a supranational political and economic governance based on planning and control. 

From a certain point of view, the fact that Schwab is starting a job behind the scenes, renouncing a leading role due to age limits (now 86) and, probably, also for health reasons, helps us not to fall into "the temptation, typical of many good people, to necessarily look for a grand old man pulling the strings of everything, to see conspiracies everywhere, and even less to lose hope. Not because bad guys don't exist, and don't operate, but because such a simplistic perspective would entail the speculative risk of deluding ourselves that we can 'put things right' from above, by our own strength alone, thus taking a Pelagian turn.

The revolutionary process moves with dynamics that are often unknown to the agents of the revolution themselves: there is, in other words, a mechanics of the revolution, which unravels over the centuries, beyond the defence of human senses: even of the most intelligent and influential such as, until a few months ago, Henry Kissinger and today, again, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the various leading actors and the many extras of the Great Reset". Let me quote this passage - taken from my book The Piper of Davos. The Great Reset of Capitalism: protagonists, programmes and objectives. Introduction by Marco Respinti, D'Ettoris Editori, 2024 (§ 579) -, in order to point out that certain processes disregard even the leading actors who, from time to time, appear in the spotlight.  

To whom will Klaus Schwab pass the baton? Nothing official so far, but there is talk of the WEF's number two, Børge Brende (1965-), former Norwegian foreign minister, WEF president since 2017 and member of the Bilderberg steering committee. Beyond who will pick up Schwab's political legacy, there is no doubt that the Great Reset initiative will continue, at least at the level of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and all those second-rate countries that identify themselves within the US area of influence.

That the agenda is then likely to fail, as is normal whenever one attempts to remake a new world from scratch, according to Gnostic logic, is another matter altogether. The initiative will fail, but it will still produce serious damage in the years to come, to the detriment of private property, freedom and privacy. And the fact that 'the grand old man' retires from the scene, or continues to manipulate the grand narrative behind the scenes, does not change the picture. The 'piper of Davos' is, in fact, not primarily a person, but rather that public-private alliance of enormous interests - together with ideological visions claiming to 'create a better world' - at the basis of the crony 'capitalism' promoted by Davos. 

Things will get even worse before they start to get better. The globalist alliance can only be dissolved by the failure of the initiative: that will come, certainly, but it is still too early to sing victory.


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