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“PERSEVERE IN THE FAITH” The Daily Compass fund-raising campaign

In this time of darkness, it is necessary to attain clarity and 'persevere in the faith', which also means holding tight to the right criteria with which to examine the real world. This is what the Daily Compass does everyday, but in order to continue our work we also need your financial support. DONATE NOW, it is safe and simple.

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"Many false prophets will arise and seduce many. And because iniquity will be multiplied, the love of most will grow cold. But he who endures to the end will be saved". (Mt 24:11-13)

The first part of this passage that we have chosen from Matthew's Gospel perfectly describes the moment we are living in: in a world, where piffle-mongers are in charge that promise paradise on earth and in the meantime provoke wars; and in the Church, where the millenary magisterium is humiliated by its very pastors, who favour the rise of false prophets to lead "do-it-yourself churches".

In this time of darkness, it is necessary to clarify and persevere in the faith, which is the most important challenge for each of us, as Jesus himself says: "He who perseveres to the end will be saved" (Mt 24:13).

This also applies to our work as journalists and it applies to everyone who uses the media: it means keeping clear and strong criteria with which to look at reality, whether it is our personal affairs or the news or major international events. Everything must be judged in the light of Christ’s coming.

This is the mission of the Daily Compass: hundreds of articles every year: in-depth analysis, commentary on major international news events; but also exclusive news that you only find here. A competent voice that holds truth, justice and charity together.

The Daily Compass provides those necessary tools to understand what is happening. The Daily Compass is a voice (and gives voice) that is not afraid to denounce the distortions, the false prophets, the multiplied iniquities. The Daily Compass is combative but does not work to divide; on the contrary, through information and education it calls for the unity of the Church, which is only possible in Truth.

Of course all this has an economic cost, especially since we keep access to the Daily Compass free of charge to maximise circulation and effectiveness. And this cost is only covered by donations from you, the readers. We do not receive and do not want to receive funds from institutions, whether civil or ecclesiastical: our freedom and credibility depend on it.

If the Daily Compass exists, it is only thanks to you donors, who have never failed to give your support over the years. And the Daily Compass can only continue to be a free voice because of you who share its mission.

That is why we are launching the 2024 summer campaign today - with the theme 'Persevere in the Faith' - to raise the funds that will enable us to plan the work and initiatives of the coming months.

We cannot hide the fact that we are facing difficult times, at all levels, which require everyone to have the ability to recognise what is truly essential and what is worth making a sacrifice for, including an economic one.

Therefore, with this in mind, we ask you to support the Daily Compass with a donation: every amount is precious to us.

We look forward to having you by our side, and thank you in advance for the support you can give.

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