Saint James the Greater by Ermes Dovico


"My Beautiful Warrior lndi Gregory"

We publish the letter that Dean Gregory wrote for Indy and was read at the funeral held on 1 December in Nottingham Cathedral.

Life and Bioethics 02_12_2023

I was honestly and truly feel, deep in my heart, that Indi was not only beautiful, but strong and unique. I just knew, from the start, she was very special. Nonetheless, I could never have imagined the sort of journey we and lndi would have had to go through to fight for her life. She didn't only have to battle against her health problems, she had to battle against a system that makes it almost impossible to win. Yet, it was her weakest point, her health problems, that distinguished lndi as a true warrior.

lndi overcame so much: she had seizures, two operations, sepsis, e-coli, including other infections, that even a healthy child would struggle to beat. But, lndi's determination to fight for a chance at life, really inspired me. The strength she had for an eight-month-old child was truly incredible. And this is one of the reasons I would have done anything for lndi to have had that chance to live which was denied her. She had to fight to live from day one of her life. I was even willing to go down into the pits of hell to fight and to protect lndi. In a way I did, because the court system itself felt like being in hell to me.

Yet, lndi was an eight-month-old baby that had the power to touch millions of peoples' hearts around the world! She inspired love. And, nowhere more than Italy. In fact, I'm sure lndi is as proud as I am for the amazing support and love shown by the Italian Government, the Italian Prime Minister and the Italian people. I strongly believe they were lndi's guardian angels during the legal battle to save her. I would also like to thank all the many people involved in lndi's battle including my lawyers and Christian Concern. You have all been a true inspiration and I truly believe it has been a battle of good versus evil.

I have now reached the conclusion that this was indeed lndi's destiny. God put lndi on this earth with the mission to expose the evil in the world. He chose her because she was strong, beautiful and special. But now, this chapter of lndi's destiny is over. Her legacy, however, has only just begun. I wanted to make sure lndi would be remembered for ever and she will live on in our hearts and through our voices.

But, my greatest comfort, at this difficult time, is knowing where lndi is and with whom she is now. I had lndi baptised to protect her and so she would go to Heaven. It gives me peace to know she is in Heaven and God is taking care of her. I thank the Catholic Church of Nottingham and Bishop McKinney for celebrating lndi's funeral and all those who helped me prepare this beautiful farewell.

I will love you always lndi.

from dad x