A Nobel at Pav praises and glorifies vaccine 'god'

The Nobel Prize winner Katalin Karikó, who made mRNA resistant and thus also prolonged spike production, has joined the Pontifical Academy for Life. The Vatican continues to worship the vaccine god, losing still more credibility.

Ecclesia 22_02_2024 Italiano
Katalin Kalikò

In a scanty communiqué, the SIR news agency reports that the pope appointed Katalin Karikó an ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy for Life on 10 February.
Instead of reciting a mea culpa on the justification of the products containing material derived from voluntary abortions (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson), instead of retracting the impromptu declarations on the 'altruistic' efficacy of biotech inoculations (made in August 2021 and then repeated when it was already known that they were false), instead of spending a word of compassion for the many damaged men and women who believed him, Bergoglio now insists on the vaccinationist line to the bitter end.

Who is Karikó? Together with Drew Weissman, Katalin Karikó was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the invention of the method to replace uridine with N1-methyl pseudouridine, which served to make the mRNA of so-called 'vaccines' more resistant to natural degradation and thus more durable in the body of the inoculated.

It’s too bad this also turned out to be the way to prolong the production of the toxic spike protein by the cells the nanoparticles managed to enter, and thus the reason for so many unexpected adverse effects and autoimmunity. It’s also too bad that the biodistribution in the human body and the carcinogenicity of such nanoparticles has never been studied. Another unexpected problem is that new proteins are generated as a result of ribosomal 'frameshifting': ribosomes 'misread' the sequence and occasionally skip bases and thus create new reading frames (ORFs, Open Reading Frames), changing the amino acid product. The proteins derived from such errors are anomalous, non-existent in nature and therefore potentially dangerous.

The formation of these off-target proteins is not described in the product leaflet, but the discovery that unwanted proteins may be produced as a result of vaccination should be sufficient reason for regulators to conduct comprehensive risk assessments of past or future harm that may result from this.

The appointment of Katalin Karikó confirms Bergoglio's line towards promoting extreme and uncritical vaccinism. Let us remember that another member of the same Academy appointed in 2021 is Walter Ricciardi, who supported the Italian Minister Lorenzin with his lies about measles, polio and diphtheria, pushed for compulsory vaccination and rejoiced at the expulsion of a few 'dissenting' doctors. Karikó in the Academy will also find herself in the company of Angelo Vescovi, known for his research on stem cells and also for having declared that 'those who do not vaccinate cannot be doctors' and similar amenities.

Quite a trio, which will influence official statements on the subject for years to come. In the Vatican they continue to worship the vaccine god, losing more and considerable credibility.


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